Abbey Hayden

Abbey Hayden

Piano instructor

Abbey has been an educator for 15 years, and has studied piano her entire life. Her most recent studies culminated in a Master’s of Music in Piano Performance (as well as a Certificate in Piano Pedagogy) at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Her undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Millikin University, with a dual concentration in piano and French horn.

As a teacher, Abbey believes in a personal connection on the individual level of the student; each student will learn something different from piano and music, and those students deserve to have lessons built just for them.

On a personal level, Abbey feels strongly that music should hold meaning. Exploration of phrasing and color is a must, and every performance should be a unique experience. There is a time and place for virtuosity, but there is also much more time -and many more places- for lyricism and musicality. As any of her students will tell you, “Anyone can play fast! But not everyone plays WELL.”

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